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The biggest opportunity to invest in the stock market.

Invest only 2 hours a week.

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What to Learn

You will Learn Following things from our program

Invest only 2 hours a week


Delivery & Future

Investment Planning

Money Management

Portfolio Building

How to Increase Capital

Converting Small Investments to Large

Different types of Investment Options

Short/Mid/Long term Investment

Know More About The Program

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Know More About Your Trainer

Mr.Sandeep B Sanap
Founder Wealthy India, Nashik.

Stock Market Trading & Investment has witnessed major Bull and Bear market cycles in the past 15 years.
( Post Graduation in Capital Marketing Management )

A Skilled Trainer:
Sandeep started conducting seminars on stock market trading & investment in January 2014.

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Offline Batch – Nashik
24 & 25 September 2022








Benefits of Doing The Course

After completion of the course you will learn following things:


Simple Way To Understand The Market

A way to understand the stock market is to get a glimpse of why it exists, who it serves and how it works and we made it easy for you.


Dedicated WhatsApp Group For Students

WhatsApp group for students where students will get daily stock list for trade and freedom to discuss all there doubts.


Hand Hold Learning

Taking a course is a huge investment, so our goal is to make sure you get as much value out of that investment as you can.


Demat Account For Benefits

Open an account and get free trading ideas and discount to join our upcoming training sessions.


Complete Support After Classes

Students can ask their real-world questions directly to the Mentor that they face while working with the live market.


Mentoring Community

Mentoring Community is a powerful platform to share knowledge with others, learn from old & new students, and grow together.

Intelligent Investors Investing in Stock Market

We are making intelligent investors. Check the below video for more information.

Services Provided By Us

Below are the services provided by us

ELSS Tax Saver

Invest in diversified ELSS portfolio for higher returns on investment

Diversified Portfolio

Meet your financial goals with diversified MF investment

Smart Switch

Invest lump sum capital based on your debt-equity risk profile

Portfolio Review

Get rid of the dead investments in your existing portfolio

Retirement Income Plan

Preserve your capital while earning a stable income from it

Portfolio Management

Preserve your capital while earning a stable income from it

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